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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Pappy Farnum in Farnum's Farm.
Pappy Farnum says,"Thanks for the help greenhorn, but we're not done yet. We have a lot more work to do. We have a lot of hurt and hungry people to take care of. Go talk to Mae Farnum and see what you can do to help her out with getting food ready for everyone."
Harvest supplies and learn how to make some Strong Arm Stew.
This is a Minigame quest.

  • Coins 12 
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Mae Farnum says, "Thanks for the help with those fires. Now we need to get food ready for everyone we're taking care of here. If you're going to help with preparing food you need to first look the part."

For new players, this unlocks the Chef job. Interact with the one of the Harvesting Practice baskets nearby to collect the fruit you need.

Once you have what you need, Mae tells you, "Now that you have the fruit it's time to start cooking the stew. Here are the rest of the ingredients you need. Walk over to the cooking table and we can get started."

Interact with the Cooking Table and select Strong Arm Stew. Play the minigame and return to Mae, who says, "Hmm this taste really good. If you keep this up you could be a great Chef one day"

If you interact with the Cooking Table before switching to Chef the task will hang. Use the X at the top of your screen by "Cooking: Strong Arm Stew" to pop out and restart it.

The Learn to Mine & Smelt Ore quest will pop up automatically, but if you talk to Mae again, you can now get the Second Helping of Strongarm Stew quest as well.

Note: This quest is not available on the PS3 version of the game. It was added to the PC version with the 03/17/2013 update.

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Second Helping of Strongarm Stew
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