FR Quest:Eviction Notice  

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To Start: Speak to Cleetus Farnum in Farnum's Farm.
Cleetus Farnum says,"You've done a lot to help out the Farnums, thanks -player name-. Pappy Farnum wants to talk to you."
Help the Farnum's solve their Hooligan problem.

  • Coins 20 
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Pappy Farnum:"You've proven your ability to stand your own in a fight. The Hooligan responsible for sending the wolf attacks an our farm has been squatting out near the fields of Wildwood Speedway on our land. Send him this eviction notice and get him to leave. Come back to me when he's left our property."

Player: "Will do!"

Talking to Pappy Farnum before completing the task, he says, "Have you evicted those troublesome Hooligans? Well get too it I can't stand having those guys squatting on my family land!" Player: "No, not yet."

Upon completion, Pappy Farnum says, "The Farnums are grateful for what you have done for our family here."


Collin and his camp of hooligans can be found east of Farnum's Farm, on the other side of the road leading to the Wildwood Speedway, or port to the Wildroot patch in the southwest corner of the Wilds and run north.

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