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Demo Derby Driver
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To Start: Speak to Sydney Spellmerg in Wildwood Speedway.
Sydney Spellmerg says,"Our big premiere is taking place in Pixiewood tonight.

Sir Horace was supposed to be the guest of honor, but I refuse to send a pouting prima donna.

How would you like to go in his place? "

The big premiere is taking placing in Pixiewood! Sydney would like you to attend in Sir Horace's place.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Demo Derby Driver job.

  • Coins 2 Stars 175 
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Note: Yes, the text really does read 'taking placing' instead of 'taking place' in the mission details when this was written on 28/10/2011.


Took me a few minutes looking around to work out where to go for this one as there is no pre-marked path to follow.

First, teleport to Sanctuary then enter over the bridge and turn left. You should see Sir Horace a few meters away from Dani. Walk to him and the objective should update.

Dialogue - Part 1

Sir Horace says "How dare you come down here and masquerade as me! Any fool could see that you're not nearly as great looking, or well-dressed.

I think it's even safe to say that I could perform my own stunts. Who needs a wannabe like you around."

Dialogue - Part 2

Dani says, "I am so sorry about all this trouble! We had no idea Sir Horace would show up.

Maybe it's best you just head back to Wildwood before things get any more out of control."

Closing Dialogue

Sydney Spellmerg says "Thank goodness you're back! We're so glad to see you."

Demo Derby: Sir Horace the Horrible Demo Derby Driver
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