FR Quest:Contract: Bowman for Hire  

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To Start: Speak to Eddie Eagle Eyes in Crossroads.
Eddie Eagle Eyes says,"The work never seems to stop when you're a bounty hunter, but that's a good thing, right? As long as you have arrows, I have a job for you to do!

Are you ready to take aim? "

Eddie Eagle Eyes is a busy bounty hunter and is always looking for skilled archers to assist him with claiming his bounties.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Archer job.

Coins 80 Stars 75 
As an Archer, defeat Thugawug Sneaks that wander the wilderness, and some Shadow Talon Apprentices in Danger Peaks. Return to Eddie when done.
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This quest is repeatable to help you level quickly to 10 as an archer while earning stars to better your skills.

You must run both related quests twice in order to fulfill the requirements.

The Thugawug Sneaks are wandering between Crossroads and Lavender Coast Pass. The Shadow Talon Apprentices are found in Danger Peaks, below the Greenwood Camp.

Archer: Achieve Level 10 Archer
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