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Free Realms
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"Shifty the Shuffler: I don't have time to train you to become a card duelist. I'm too busy winning! Sam Potts in Sanctuary has a little more patience. I'm sure she'd show you the basics."

"Ari the Fish: Looking to become a card duelist? I gave that up long ago, but maybe I can help. I hear Sam Potts in Sanctuary teaches people to play. you should speak with her. "

Shifty has sent you to see Sam Potts in Sanctuary to become a card duelist.

Ari told you that you should find Sam Potts in Sanctuary if you want to become a card duelist.

This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 6 
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Starting the Quest

You can begin this quest by visiting one of the following mobs:

Ari the Fish

Shifty the Shuffler

Card Duelist
Quest Series
Card Duelist: Enter the Champion
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