FR Quest:Alleged Thievery  

Card Duelist
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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Sir Wellington in Briarwood.
Sir Wellington says,"Why so distracted? Well, when I dug up that strange gold artifact (oh, keep that on the down-low) I was jumped by thieves! Imanaged to fend them off. Just to be safe, I hired Esther and Dominic to guard this place. Anyway, it's stressful just thinking about it! How's another game of cards sound? "
Sir Wellington in Briarwood wants to play another game of cards with you. Then, he should really get back to work!
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

  • Coins 50 Stars 100 
  • Beat Sir Wellington's Deck
  • Speak to Sir Wellington
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This quest is only available if you have purchased the Shattered Past - Quest Pack 1 or the Shattered Past Quest Bundle from the SC Marketplace.

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Card Duelist: UNK Card Duelist
Quest Series
Card Duelist: Break Time
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