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Grexan's Camp
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Grexan's Camp

Click on the dungeon entrance to Grexan's Camp to begin this battle.

Trolls are training spiders to strengthen their army. Defeat General Grexan before the trolls become unstoppable!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Stars 313 

Primary: Defeat General Grexan!

Don't get knocked out 15 times!
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Note: These tips may need revision as they were written before the December 2009 combat update.

ALL creatures in this battle are non-social! If you have a ranged single-target attack (Archer, Wizard), you can pick everything off one at a time. Take the spiders first, as you can usually one- or two-shot them.

Across from the entrance, in a cage, is a Wild Spider that will be your friend for life if you release her. If you have the quest Untamed Spirit, opening the cage will update your quest.

If you have the quest, Eight-Legged Friend from Buttercup Webbywand, you will find a Sleepy Trainer on the ledge above and behind the caged Wild Spider. Defeat him to free the pet Spider. He will follow you around for the rest of the dungeon, but he will fight for you and he will take damage, so you may want to wait to take the Sleepy Trainer until you have cleared the rest of the dungeon. However, Once you have gotten the updates for defeating the Sleepy Troll and rescuing the spider, it does not seem to matter if he survives. Buttercup still thanks you for saving him and pays up. This quest is repeatable so be sure to pick it up every time you enter.

The Troll Naturalists are casters and need to be taken down fast. Ignore the adds and go for the Naturalist. If needed, drag the other mobs to the naturalist so that your AEs can work them down while keeping your focus on the real danger.

A cocooned traveller
A cocooned traveller
The first 2 trapped people are in the first valley, the last one is on the left in the final valley. Click on the cocoon to free the person.

Colonel Cogruch will summon about 8 spiders to aid him. They are not tough, but if you do no take them out, that is a lot of DPS against you. Take them out with an AE, if possible, so you can continue to pound on the Colonel.

General Grexan also summons some spiders, but fewer than the Colonel.

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