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Farnum's Farm
Farnum's Farm
Sacred Grove / Wilds South / Farnum's Farm

South of Crossroads.

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Farnum's Farm, also commonly called Farnum Farmstead, is located in the far southern reaches of Sacred Grove. One of the quickest ways to reach the farm is by heading south from the Crossroads warpstone.

Crops for Harvesting


Quest Series

Thieving Bandits

  1. Peep's Missing Bowl
  2. Looking for Trouble
  3. Woolen Woes
  4. Chasing Down the Crate Thief
  5. Unmasking the Bandits

Sheep Safety

  1. Investigate the Wolves
  2. Save the Sheep!

Building a Defense

  1. Gunning the Beasties
  2. Dwarven Bulwark
  3. Bastion of the Green Thumbs

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