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Frostfang Caverns center

Click on the dungeon entrance to Frostfang Caverns to begin this battle.

A small child is calling for help from with Frostfang Caverns! Head in and rescue the child, but beware of Chillblaine - a gigantic wolf!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 164  Stars 256 

Primary: Investigate the cavern!

Don't get knocked out 15 times!
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Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose







Quests to get Before You Enter


Note: These tips need revision as they were written before the December 2009 combat update.

Make your way to the first split, and take the bats on the right. Kill the Frostfang Bats and Swarm Bats until you can get to the Giant Bat. Now clear the rest to get the prize. On the ledge, above, is where you will frequently find Material spawns, or sometimes a Frozen Chest.

Proceed to the central cavern and clear to the right for the crawlers. The Mammoth Crawlers have an Icicle Fall AE attack. Peel off the Crawler Hatchlings first, whenever possible.

Now go back around and take the wolves. The next split, there is a small cave to the right. That is where the lost dog will be.

The wolves are guarding the lair of Chillblaine. He will be a small child when you enter, but will change into the wolf and attack. He has a Stun, and will also run away from you when hurt and then use an Icicle Fall AE.

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