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Bone Bog Cemetery
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Bone Bog Cemetery

Click on the dungeon entrance to Bone Bog Cemetery to begin this battle.

Bone Bog Cemetery has existed as long as anyone can remember. What strange secrets wait to be told deep inside?
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 20 Stars 310 

Primary: Defeat the cemetery banshee!

Bonus:  Find and defeat the 3 Bone Bog Skeletons! - 0/3

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Completing the Bonus objective gives you one random piece in random color of:

  • Archer: Drifting Archer gear or Cross Wind Archer gear

Prize Wheel Rewards

General Purpose








You can view a video, Pumpkin Prince Battle, at YouTube.
Sometimes the wraiths will be knocked down, but not yet defeated. You must wait until they regenerate to full before they will stand back up, then you can re-initiate combat with them.

The Necromancer will summon Fresh Grave Elementals during your combat with him, roughly every 10 seconds.

Two wraiths will fight along-side the Banshee. They cannot be permanently defeated; when knocked down, they will stand back up after regenerating to full health. Defeat the banshee to rid yourself of the wraiths.

During the quest The Pumpkin Prince, you will have to battle The Pumpkin Prince in the middle of the cemetery. Occasionally his ghosts will become visible and begin healing him; when this happens, start knocking out the ghosts ASAP. Once all the ghosts are knocked out, the prince can be easily defeated!

These tips may need revising as they were written before the December 2009 combat update.

Special Mobs

These mobs only exist in the cemetery when on the quest The Pumpkin Prince.

This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2009, and available in-game during the Super Spooktacular celebration. For 2013, Spooktacular begins on October 1st.

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