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Soccer Tutorial
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Soccer Tutorial
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This is a Soccer minigame. To start the minigame, click on the turnstile at Snowhill Soccer Field.

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Use the WASD or Arrow Keys to move your character

wasd keys

Offense Controls


Use the Control Button to dodge your opponents.

Control Button


Use the Right Mouse Button or the ALT Key to pass the ball. Trying to pass when a NPC teammate has the ball will make them attempt to pass to you. (Thanks Mateo Cloudriver for the information!)

Right Mouse


Use the Spacebar or the Left Mouse Button to kick the ball. Also see super kick for a more advanced kicking technique.

Space Bar
Left Mouse

Super Kick

Hold down the space bar or your left mouse key and release when the charge meter is full to perform a super kick.

Defense Controls


Use the Spacebar or the Left Mouse button to Slide Tackle and steal the ball from opponents.

Space Bar
Left Mouse

Power Ups

You can have one power up active at a time.

  • - Charge Rate - Increases the rate at which your charge power builds.
  • - Speed Boost - Makes you run faster.
  • - Toughness - Makes it so you get up faster if you get knocked down.

Goal Time!
October 2, 2009
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