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Cooking: De'Flor Family Fried Dumplings

Eating this food will make you larger.

This is a Making-style minigame.

This is a Crafting minigame, and can be started at any Cooking Table.

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De'Flor Family Fried Dumplings - Medium
Primary: Cook up some De'Flor Family Fried Dumplings!Coins 4 

Secondary: Finish in 45 seconds or less! (Chance to win an accessory)

Bonus:  Don't waste any eggs! (Chance to win a wearable item)Coins 4 

Bonus: Smash the punkin in 4 seconds or less and get no weak hits! (Chance to win a accessory)

Elite: Finish in 33 seconds or less! (Chance to win a cooking tool)

Step 1: Chop leaves and vines to pieces with the knife
Step 2: Smash the fruit into jelly.
Step 3: Crack open eggs and then place the yolk in the bowl.
Step 4: Add the ingredients in their correct order.

Coins 4 Stars 263 
  Difficulty:      Total Cost: Coins 84 


You can obtain the ingredients needed for this recipe by playing the Lakesfield Harvesting minigame at Lakeshore Fields in Lakeshore

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