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Weed Killing!
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Defend your lands against hordes of monsters by placing penguin friends and other defenses strategically along the pathways. Don't let them reach the end of the path!

This is a Tower Defense minigame, and can be started at any Briarwood Defense Table.

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The standard strategy for any Tower Defense game is to stack your forces near the entrance with over-lapping fields of fire and mixed types. This approach actually works very well with this game.

Weed Killing! - Easy
Primary: Defeat all the waves of attacking monsters (10 waves)

Secondary: Build 2 Mushrooml Towers!

Bonus:  Upgrade 2 Vine Tower!

  Difficulty:      Starting Coin: 40

The picture below shows Weed Killing! being played on hard difficulty, at the end of stage 50, with no lives lost.

Hard Difficulty Gameplay

The tactic used here was the following:

  1. Start out by building 2-3 Castle Towers
  2. Upgrade the Castle Towers at least twice, then get 1-2 extra Castle Towers out (2 if you only placed 2 initially)
  3. Upgrade the newer Castle Tower(s) twice, then focus on getting each the third upgrade
  4. If you find you are falling a bit behind or coming close with the waves, put out one Mushroom Tower near the beginning curve, but do not waste money upgrading it
  5. Once you have all Castle Towers at their third upgrade, focus on getting their final upgrade
  6. I upgraded the Mushroom Tower after all four Castle Towers were fully upgraded. It probably wasn't necessary, but gave me something to do!

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