FR Minigame:Stopping the Sabotage  

Stopping the Sabotage
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Stopping the Sabotage

Linx Redline is up to no good again. This time he's hired a group of Robgoblin Saboteurs to mess with your kart! Luckily Sparks Blitzwing has a potion that'll help you scare off those cowardly robgoblins. Hopefully you can get rid of them before it's too late...

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started as described below

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Stopping the Sabotage - Easy
Primary: Win the GameCoins 2 

Secondary: Scare off the Robgoblin Saboteurs

Bonus:  Don't let any Robgoblin Saboteurs spot you

Don't run out of time!

Sparks' Toolbox
Click on the Toolbox next to Sparks Blitzwing to begin this minigame.

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