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Starfish Picking

Search for Starfish in the tide pools around Rainchaser. Bring each one you find back to her Starfish Bucket as fast as you can! Grab the bubbling Starfish to get a faster time.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on Starfish Bucket

To unlock this minigame, you must obtain the quest, Starfish Picking. Once completed, you may repeat this minigame anytime.

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You can view a video, showing the minigame, at YouTube.
Starfish Picking - Easy
Win the GameCoins 2 

Grab Starfish - 0/4

Return Starfish to the Starfish Bucket - 0/4

Don't run out of time!

The starfish can be difficult to click on and may require several clicks to get the update. Remember to return each one to the Starfish Bucket before going on to the next.


  • Click from a distance... you do not have to be right on top of the starfish or the bucket to get credit.
  • While the pet may give you speedier feets, it is better to get them out of the way so they do not interfere with clicking on the starfish or the bucket. For speed, click on the brightly sparkling starfish first.
  • Clear all collections nearby before you begin so their sparkle does not distract or confuse you.

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