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Perry's Problem

Perry's mama hen needs your help! Try to find as many of her missing Baby Chicks as you can before time runs out.

But watch out for the cows around here... They can get a little restless from time to time.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on Perry's Mama Hen

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Start this game by clicking Perry's Mama Hen, right next to Perry.

Perry's Problem
  • Find the first Baby Chick
  • Return the first Baby Chick
  • Find the second Baby Chick
  • Return the second Baby Chick
  • Find the third Baby Chick
  • Return the third Baby Chick
  • Find the fourth Baby Chick
  • Return the fourth Baby Chick

The cows will briefly stun you! You get 25 seconds to find and retrieve each chick.

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