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Ditch the Doggies

Certain dogs love running. Unfortunately, the only thing they love more than running is chasing a postman. See if you can complete your Sanctuary mail route with these critters on your tail. Use your dog bone ability to ditch the doggies that are chasing you.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on Mailbox

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Ditch the Doggies
Primary: Deliver Mail to the AddressesCoins 26 Stars 101 

Don't run out of time!

Pixiewood Hills Mailboxes within Sanctuary
Click on the mailbox next to Felipe, located in Pixiewood Hills within Sanctuary, to begin the minigame.


The dogs hang out in the intersection by the mailbox. Throwing bones takes a second, but recovering from being knocked over by a dog takes longer!

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