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Jackpot Plant
A small tree that grows coins for 30 days! Be sure to water it and harvest it every day. After 30 days it will transform into a Golden Jackpot Plant.

Cannot Sell
Cannot Trade

This item is a plant.

This item is only available in the Marketplace.

Details about the Jackpot Plant

  • Once you place the plant at your house, it can't be returned to inventory. You can reposition it, though.
  • The newly placed plant is the Small size. It can grow into Medium and then Large sizes.
  • To water the plant, just click on it and the water level is refilled.
    • The water level will drop to one-half after 4 hours.
    • If not re-watered, the water will empty out after 14 hours.
    • The plant will wither if it's not watered within 24 hours. It will also drop a size, if it's not already small.
    • After another 24 hours without water, it will drop another size, if it's not already small.
  • Your friends can visit your house and help you keep your plant watered. Doing this will give them 50 coins per watering.
    • Friends can water a plant every 15 minutes.
    • Players can water 25 plants that they don't own, in every 24 hours.
  • If your plant is kept properly watered for 24 hours, then you will be able to harvest coins from it.
    • When placed, the plant is in the Bare state.
    • This transforms into the Budding stage after 12 hours.
    • When your plant Blooms, every 24 hours (if kept watered), you can click on it to receive that day's crop of coins.
      • 500 coins from small plants.
      • 700 coins from medium plants.
      • 1,000 coins from large plants.
    • After 30 days, the plant enters the last stage -- Expired.
      • Once this happens, it can't be watered or harvested any more.
  • As the plant owner, once it has expired, click on it one last time.
    • It will be put back into your inventory as a Golden Jackpotted Plant.
    • This gold plant can be used as a decoration or can be sold to gain a final 2,500 coins.
  • Beginning sometime in June, 2010, plants will have a Friend Counter. For each friend that waters your plant (up to 25), you will receive a 1% coin bonus when you harvest.

Friend Counter
Number of Friends
Watering Your Plant
Amount of Coins Earned by Plant Size
Small Medium Large
1 5 7 10
5 25 35 50
10 50 70 100
15 75 105 150
20 100 140 200
25 125 175 250
  • In April, 2011, all players received a free Jackpot Plant as a welcome back gift.
    • In June, 2011, all players received a second free Jackpot Plant, most likely as a gift for playing the game for so long.

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