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Facebook Housing Pack
A special gift for you.

Required: Any Job

Cannot Sell
Cannot Trade

This item will be consumed after one use.

This item can be received when redeeming randomly generated codes from the Facebook application Free Realms Treasure Trader.

There are multiple versions of this housing pack. Every version will always have a Small Wilds House in it. Your pack number is only displayed to you when you initially redeem the code; in the claim window it always shows up as "Facebook Housing Pack".

Pack # Bonus Bundle Items
1 Jack-in-the-Box, Standard Bathtub, Standard Pedestal Sink, Standard Shower
2 Train Set, Standard Table Lamp, Standard Small Bed, Standard Wooden Dresser
3 Shrinking Head Cauldron, Standard Outdoor Bench, Standard Picnic Table, Standard Outdoor Chair
4 Stereo, Standard Bookcase, Standard Loveseat, Sylvan Floor Lamp
5 Automatic Head Size Augmenter, Sylvan Small Bed, Standard Room Divider, Standard Wooden Armoire
6 Natural Wood Flooring, Standard Barrel, Standard Wooden Chest, Standard Wooden Crate
7 Dragonscale Roofing Shingles, Standard Large Potted Plant, Sylvan Flower Fountain, Standard Small Potted Plant
8 Butterfly Print Wallpaper, Standard Wall Sink, Standard Microwave, Standard Refrigerator
9 Unknown
10 Stucco Wall Texture, Sylvan Long Rug, Swirly Coffee Table, Sylvan Loveseat
Allakhazam credits this post by Sgthawk and many others at the SOE Official Forums for the Station Cash items from bundles.

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