Explanation of macros - feel free to add.

  • You can create up to 5 lines per macro.
  • You can have one command per line. Exception, you can always have a pause command too.
  • Pause commands are special as they are executed at the end of each macro line even though they are typed at the front. This can be confusing to remember since the /pause command is often used in conjuction with another command. However, using the pause command this way saves space and gives you flexibility in expanding the macro if you need to. The value for /pause is the time in approximately tenths of seconds. The actual value is a little lower. So /pause 500 is approximately 60 seconds +/- a couple seconds for server ticks.

  • Pause example 1:
    • /pause 55, /cast 1
    • This casts the spell in slot one and then pauses for 55 tenths of a second (5.5 seconds).
  • Pause example 2:
    • /pause 55, /cast 1
    • /pause 30, /cast 2
    • /pause 10, /g Send in the dogs of war!
    • /pet attack
    • This would cast the spell in slot one, pause for 5.5 seconds, cast the spell in slot two, pause for 3 second, tell your group "Send in the dogs of war!", pause 1 second then tell your pet to attack your current target.
    • The 5.5 seconds and 3 seconds are significant because it gives your spell time to cast. You also have to account for refresh time. Macro's will keep running and will not wait on its own for your spells to cast! So in this example spell 1 might take 5 seconds to cast, 1/2 second to refresh and spell 2 might take 2.5 seconds.
  • Another example for macros: You are a level 40 wiz and you divination skill is so low that you fizzle all the time.
    • Mem your lowest level divination spell (level one spell "true north") in slot 1.
    • Create a macro, which looks like:
      • /pause 60, /cast 1
      • /pause 60, /cast 1
      • /pause 60, /cast 1
      • /pause 60, /cast 1
      • /cast 1
      • Check your macro, if it works cast you just need to press this once to attempt 5 casts. Sometimes you have to tune the pause times to get all 5 casts to complete.

  • There is an upper limit to both the /pause and /timer commands, of relevance if you are using it for multiple forages for example. The /pause timer won't go over 70 secs. The /timer command cannot exceed 10 hours.

  • You can also use your AA's in macros. The Ability Activation ID is part of each AA description. You may also use the command "/alt list" to find the alt activation number or see the Activatable AAs here.

  • Sample commands used in macros:
    • /memspellset
    • /autoinventory (good when foraging i.e.)
    • /Gsay incoming with %T

  • Autoforage macro: (Assumes Forage is #4 on ability page of Actions window, and assumes you have double forage AAs, if not you can remove the 2nd line):
      • /pause 6,/doability 4
      • /pause 6,/autoinventory
      • /autoinventory

  • Vishimtar (last DoN raid) cure macro:
      • /tar mournful
      • /pause 4
      • /say Hail, %t
      • /say shoulder my burden

  • Macro for often /tell information:
      • /pause 20,/r reply_text_you_wish_to_send
      • /pause 20,/r more_reply_text_you_wish_to_send

  • Macro to grab aggro (using AA and taunt ability, assuming Taunt is #3 on combat page of Actions window. To determine the /altactivate # to use, view your ability in the Alternate Advancement Window. The id # will be shown in the information box at the bottom if an ability is selected: Ability Activate ID: ###.)
      • /pause 4,/g Aggroing %t
      • /pause 4,/doability 7
      • /pause 4,/alt activate ####

  • In order to macro a combat ability the command is

    • Paladin example
      • /disc Righteous Indignation

  • You can add a comment to each macro line, using the following syntax:
      • /alt activate 1041 # Cast Malo

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New /timer command

(Not sure when this was added.)

  • With the new /timer command you can add a new first line to the above forage macro so it will let you know when forage is available again:
      • /timer 1000
      • /pause 6,/doability 4
      • /pause 6,/autoinventory
      • /autoinventory

  • You can also use /timer in spell and disc macros to let you know when they are available again. Or set it to the spell duration for things like hots, debuffs, slows and dots to let you know when to recast. You can have multiple macros with /timer running, unlike /pause. You can right click (as if to edit) a macro button with a running timer to stop it. /timer can be placed on the same line as another command but not on the same line as a /pause command. The value for /timer is the time in tenths of a second exactly unlike /pause, so in the following macro the timer will end about 10 seconds before the third line runs.

      • /timer 500
      • /pause 500, /time
      • /time

  • Example, spell slot 7 is ensnare (no detrimental extension), timer is a little short for time to resnare before old wears off

      • /timer 7900, /cast 7
(( /timer adds the cool-down shadow graphic to your social macro hot-buttons. It's the same shading you'd see on spell icons or AA hot-keys ))


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