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Since the Planes of Power, many EverQuest zones have required a series of flags -- that is, invisible progression markers -- to enter. Before PoP, a few zones required keys to enter. Many of these old keys and flags are no longer required to enter the zones if one is at least the minimal level required for the zone. A tabled version at Keys.

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Pre-POP Progression

  • Antonica
    • Befallen
      • The Splintered Wooden Key which unlocks the first floor locked door is dropped by a shadowknight. You need this key to get back out as well which could be a problem if you fall down to a lower level without it.
      • The Charred Bone Key which unlocks the second floor west locked door is dropped by one of the shadowknights.
      • The Smoked Glass Key which unlocks the second floor east locked door is dropped by one of the shadowknights.

  • Faydwer
    • Crushbone

  • Odus
    • Paineel
      • The Bone Crafted Key allows access to the elevator into and out of the city of Paineel. If Paineel is not your starting city you may get one by telling one of the skeleton guards in the newbie area "I need a key." You must have amiable faction with them. Goes on /key as "Bone Crafted Key - This key grants the holder access to the inner sanctum of New Paineel."

    • The Hole
      • Rallia Hapera in Paineel sells the Hole Key. Goes on /key as: "Hole Key - This key grants the holder access to the Ruins of Old Paineel." One can now also jump into the pit from Paineel to safely land in the water at the bottom of The Hole.
      • Sacred Key Allows you to unlock all locked doors in The Hole.

    • Plane of Sky
      • The first two keys are purchased. For more information on the rest of the keys, see Plane of Sky Keys.
      • Efreeti's Key - Quest Hall. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Efreeti's Key."
      • Key of Swords - Noble Djorn Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 2."
      • Key of the Misplaced - Azarack Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 3."
      • Key of Misfortune - Gorgalosk Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 4."
      • Key of Beasts - Pegasus Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 5."
      • Avian Key - Spiroc Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 6."
      • Key of the Swarm - Wasp Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 7."
      • Key of Scale - Drake Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 8."
      • Veeshan's Key (ID: Veeshan's Key) - Eye of Veeshan Island. Goes on /key as "Plane of Sky: Island 9."

  • Kunark

    • Old Sebilis
      • The Trakanon Idol is the key to enter Sebilis and is the result of this quest. Goes on /key as: "Trakanon Idol"

  • Velious

  • Luclin

Planes of Power Progression

PoP has a huge progression component; almost every zone is initially locked. An overview of the entire progression, along with information on how to determine what flags you currently have, can be found here.

  • At this point you are now flagged for the Plane of Time, and have completed PoP progression. PoTime itself has six phases, but no progression purpose.

Alternate Progression (these quests do not count for progression, but do increase the charm's power and reward the progression aa point):

  • Completing Aid Grimror allows zone-in only access to Crypt of Decay.
  • This quest allows you alternate, zone-in only access to Plane of Tactics.
  • Help Genric allows zone-in only access to Halls of Honor.
  • Phanti's Malaise allows zone-in only access to Plane of Torment.
  • This quest allows zone-in only access to the Temple of Marr
  • Alternate Access: Tower of Solusek Ro will allow you zone-in only access to the Tower of Solusek Ro.

Alternate Elemental Flags (the following flags reward access to the elemental zone only, and are also used as part of Plane of Time access):

Misc Keys & Flags:

Legacy of Ykesha

Gates of Discord Progression

  • All GOD zones beyond Barindu require you to be flagged. Initially, six progression missions were required to progress in to Kod'taz and beyond; after a relatively recent revamp, only one mission is required for most people. Now only people who want to be able to request raid expeditions need to complete all six.

  • Gamesh offers the four sewer missions, Apprentice Udranda in Barindu offers the two mountain missions, Tipt and Vxed. All six are required for raid-leader progression; only Tipt is required for general access.

  • Completing Udranda's Tipt mission allows you to access Kod'taz and Yxxta; all progression beyond that point requires a full raid.

  • Access to all zones above Kod'taz and Yxxta requires you to have completed Ikkinz Raid #4 as well as Uqua.

  • Access to Txevu requires Inktu'ta completion in addition to Ikkinz #4 and Uqua.

  • Full details on what is required to request instanced zones (i.e. progression the raidleader must do) can be found here.

Misc Keys & Flags:

Omens of War Progression

  • Discord -- the land uncovered in the Omens of War expansion -- has only one locked zone; the Citadel of Anguish.

  • Access to Anguish requires you to collect seven signets and turn them in to Taromani. If you have not completed this quest, you must be at least level 68 to enter.

    • A full overview of the signet quest can be found here. Signets for the quest drop in Riftseeker's Sanctum, The Sewers of Dranik (RCOD Instance,) The Catacombs of Dranik (RCOD Instance,) The Ruined City of Dranik, Dranik's Hollows (DS instance,) the Muramite Proving Grounds, and the Wall of slaughter. The turn in mob to complete the quest is also found in Riftseeker's Sanctum.

  • Riftseeker's Sanctum is level restricted to 69 and above. This will prevent you from completing your signet quest till you level to 69.

    • To complete the Mastery of Adaptation, you must kill a single mob that morphs in to five different forms each with different abilities.
    • The Mastery of Foresight involves killing six permarooted Dragorn that do not summon, but has one very large caveat; you must listen to (and follow) the emotes given, or you will be hit with an 8k DD.
    • The Mastery of Corruption pits your raid force against another. Waves of six, twelve, and finally eighteen non-standard NPC's will attack your raid in succession; they are equipped with epics of their respective classes, and have the abilities that you would expect someone of that class to have. Enchanters mez and charm, clerics heal, warriors tank (going so far as to call assist) etc.
    • The trial of Endurance is a trial of attrition; you must survive longer than the two huge dragorns. You must offtank the dragorns (there's little point in DPS'ing them; they kill themselves in time) while handling multiple waves of dangerous adds. Dragorn Defenders (red ones) are mezzable, and worth locking down.
    • The Trial of Hate involves killing six perma-rooted 'momma' ferans and dealing with the adds that they spawn. The adds auto-aggro whoever is first on the momma's aggro list, and proc Lash Out on any non-plate tank (warrior, paladin, or SK) that gets on hott. There is a fairly trivial boss at the end.
    • Specialization involves a single boss that casts several different AOE's which give modifiers to the damage (both positive and negative) of specific weapon types.

  • All major named bosses inside of Anguish drop backflag pieces. A backflag piece flags you as having completed the five raid trials.

Prophecy of Ro Progression

For information on progression see the guide Prophecy of Ro.

Seeds of Destruction Progression

For information on progression see the guide Seeds of Destruction and the linked group and raid progression guides therein.

Underfoot Progression

For information on progression see the guide Progression Through Underfoot.


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