EQ:Item Tags  

Items in EverQuest can have a variety of tags displayed on the line just below its name:


This item can be traded between characters but becomes No Trade once equipped on a character.

This item is an augmentation that can increase the stats of another item when put in its appropriate augmentation slot.

This item is part of a collection. If it shows "Not Collected" in green, then right-click it to add it to your collection.

Free Storage
This item doesn't consume any Key Ring slot.

This item is No Trade but can be traded through the shared bank with all characters on the same account.

This item can benefit of improved stats when augmented with a powersource.

You can have only 1 of this item on a character.

Lore Equipped
You can equip only 1 of this item on a character, but you can have as many as you want in your bags.

No Destroy
This item cannot be destroyed manually. Give him to a Priest of Discord found in various locations to get rid of it.

No Ground
This tradeable item cannot be put on the ground.

No Pet
This item can not be given to a pet.

No Storage
This item cannot be put in the bank.

No Trade (previously No Drop)
You can not trade or drop this item.

No Zone
This item will be automatically destroyed after zoning.

This item can be placed in housing (a guild hall, your own house ...). Press Alt key while right-clicking the item icon to have a preview of the visual appearance of the item once placed.

This item requires an EverQuest subscription to be fully active. If you are Free To Play, you can still equip it but it will have no effect.

This item is used in a quest.

This item will be automatically be destroyed after 30 minutes when this character is no longer logged in.


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