Hotzones offer an experience bonus higher than that of regular zones. Some of the latest sets also have extra loot added; this loot is obtainable even after the zones are no longer "hot."

In addition to the experience bonus and special item drops listed below, you can also see Franklin Teek (map) in the Plane of Knowledge for a series of level-based "Simple Tasks" to be completed in current hot zones. These tasks result in some extra experience, armor and coin.

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New and Improved Hotzone System as of April 20, 2016

Patch message April 20, 2016: Hot Zones now randomly rotate between three possible zones for each level range and are currently set to rotate every 3 months first of January, April, July, and October. Talk to Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge to find your Hot Zone and earn bonus loot and experience! Reference

In fact the hotzones rotate since this date with every patch regardless the time between the patches.

The three possible zone sets are listed below. Visit Franklin Teek in the Plane of Knowledge to see the current list of hotzones, grab a task, and get adventuring!

Hotzones on Progression Servers

Hotzones will become available on progression servers later in the history for those special servers. Different level ranges of hotzones will unlock on progression servers depending on what expansion is unlocked:

  • The Serpent’s Spine - Level 65 and lower level hotzones will unlock
  • Secrets of Faydwer - Level 70 hotzones will unlock
  • Seeds of Destruction - Level 75 hotzones will unlock
  • House of Thule - Level 80 hotzones will unlock
  • Veil of Alaris - Level 85 hotzones will unlock
  • Shadow of Fear - Level 90 hotzones will unlock
  • The Darkened Sea - Level 95 hotzones will unlock

Possible Hotzones since April 20, 2016

Note: Here are the lists of the possible hotzones instead of adds after each change (patch). Players, please talk in game to Franklin Teek in PoK to see which ones are active. They randomize every day per server.

Level Zone Augment
20 Upper Guk
20 South Karana Writ of Certitude
20 Paludal Caverns
25 Stonebrunt Mountains
25 Lake of Ill Omen
25 Nedaria's Landing
30 Blightfire Moors Tear of Wandering Souls
30 Solusek's Eye Warforged Emerald Hoop
30 Crypt of Dalnir
35 Great Divide Curious Ice Shard
35 Stone Hive
35 Dreadlands
40 Mons Letalis
40 City of Mist
40 Emerald Jungle
45 Dulak's Harbor Grim Memento
45 Dranik's Scar Twilight Adornment
45 Scarlet Desert
50 Velketor's Labyrinth Bottled Frost Essence
50 Old Sebilis Pickled Froglok Eye
50 Skyfire Mountains Molten Salve
55 The Deep
55 Plane of Innovation Clockwork Reinforcement
55 Riwwi, Coliseum of Games Brawler's Last Grasp
60 Veksar Corpse-fed Blossom
60 Blackfeather Roost
60 Barindu, Hanging Gardens
65 Barren Coast Barkmelter Beetle
65 Drunder, Fortress of Zek Elemental Core
65 Torden, The Bastion of Thunder Frozen Ball Lightning
70 Arcstone, Isle of Spirits
70 The Hive
70 Stoneroot Falls Phosphorescent Powder
75 Direwind Cliffs Oceangreen Clover
75 Jewel of Atiiki Rune of the Oasis
75 The Buried Sea Pirate's Medallion
80 Valdeholm Shard of Living Ice
80 Fortress Mechanotus Dark Black Gem
80 Silyssar, new Chelsith Slithering Vapor
85 Meldrath's Majestic Mansion Gears of the Mansion
85 The Foundation Dragorn Fang
85 Gyrospire Zeka Gnomework Gaskets
90 Fear Itself Frightening Salve
90 Arthicrex Sentinel's Claw
90 Argath, Bastion of Illdaera Imbued Feather
95 Pillars of Alra
95 Sarith, City of Tides
95 Resplendent Temple

June 19, 2013 to April 20, 2016

Skal Nethus (map -- location -320, 1200, -111 in the Plane of Knowledge -- near Franklin Teek) offers a task called "Udumbara, the flower of legend" that involves every hotzone and results in the augmentation Udumbara.

December 14, 2011 to June 18, 2013

Skal Nethus (map -- location -320, 1200, -111 in the Plane of Knowledge -- near Franklin Teek) offers a task called Skal's Walking Nightmare that involves killing a mob from each one of these hot zones, resulting in The Sum of Skal`s Nightmares.

December 8, 2010 to December 13, 2011

Skal Nethus (map -- location -320, 1200, -111 in the Plane of Knowledge -- near Franklin Teek) offers a task called "The Dungeon Rot Infected" that involves returning an item from each one of these hot zones, resulting in Purified Dungeon Rot.

June 9, 2010 to December 7, 2010

Skal Nethus (map -- location -320, 1200, -111 in the Plane of Knowledge -- near Franklin Teek) offers a task called "The Escaped Voidsouls" that involves returning an item from each one of these hot zones, resulting in Gem of Bound Voidsouls.

October 8, 2009 to June 8, 2010

July 14, 2009 to October 7, 2009

December 9, 2008 to July 14, 2009

August 20, 2008 to December 8, 2008

Franklin Teek has arrived in the Plane of Knowledge just East of the Guild Lobby and will be happy to point you to the current location of a Hot Zone appropriate for your level. Franklin also has a series of tasks that can be done in each of the current Hot Zones. You can only request a single task at a time. Once one task is completed, there is an 18 hr lockout from the time the task was requested until another task can be requested. Each level task objective changes each day, so if you request one today, the objective tomorrow will be different. As an example, A Simple Task - Level 20 was Kill 5 Goblins on Wed Aug 20, 2008, Kill 5 Sabertooths on Thu Aug 21, 2008, and Kill 5 Iksar on Fri Aug 22, 2008.

Thanks to Elidroth on the SoE forums for the information

February 28, 2008 to August 19, 2008

Thanks to VWDiesel for the information in this thread here

October 30, 2007 to February 27, 2008

Here's a complete list of all the hotzone drops for the last set of hotzones. These are actually mini-quests that start whenever you loot an item. They revolve around Aiden Silverwing, who is in PoK near the Guild Hall zone-in.

The general idea is that he gives you a Silverwing Lockbox, in which you combine the Random Drop from one zone with the Shard Combine, which drops from the next higher hotzone. So, for each hotzone, VWDiesel has listed the random drop, the augmentation, the shard combine (which drops in the next higher hotzone), and the melee and caster items that result once you combine the shard and the random drop.

The last hotzone, Halls of Honor, randomly drops the melee or caster item, with no shard to combine. When you've completed all these quests for each hotzone, there is a final item you can make if you combine each of the hotzone melee or caster items in the Silverwing Lockbox. Those are listed at the bottom under "Final Combine".

Thanks again to VWDiesel for the information.

April 18, 2007 to October 30, 2007

The hotzones all have special augs from specific mobs (click through to see which can drop them):

All items (except augments) come from quests given by James the Watchmaker. These quests involve getting three gears and a sprocket from each zone that was hot during this time frame, and returning them to him. You do not need to have the quest before you get the turn-in items. Rewards vary by level.

December 5, 2006 to April 18, 2007

These hotzones all have special augs from Unmasked Changelings:

Additionally, each zone has 4 new NPC nameds that drop more level appropriate gear than the rest of the zone. I do not have a complete list of nameds and items, however, there is a nearly complete list here, at EvilGamer in this post.

June 13, 2006 to December 5, 2006

These hotzones have minor(by todays standards) loot upgrades added with new mobs, and new global rare drops, however, they do not have any Augments (except Skyfire) that drop in these zones.

  • Level 20: Swamp of No Hope

  • Level 25: The Overthere

  • Level 30: Timorous Deep

  • Level 35: Emerald Jungle

  • Level 40: Dreadlands

  • Level 45: City of Mist

  • Level 55: Karnor's Castle

  • Level 60: Veksar

April 28, 2004

  • Level 20 - 30: Castle Mistmoore

  • Level 35 - 40: Gulf of Gunthak

  • Level 35 - 45: Lair of Splitpaw

  • Level 40 - 45: Dulak's Harbor

  • Level 45 - 50: Torgiran Mines

  • Level 50 - 55: Crypt of Nadox

  • Level 55 - 60: Hate's Fury

This page was derived in large part from a thread found in one of our eq forums. The original thread can be found here.


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