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Level Range

There is a minimum of 5 levels difference, and a maximum of 30 levels difference. In between those ranges, the formula of highest = 1.5 * lowest + 1 (drop fractions or round down). See Grouping Level for a detailed chart.

Finding a Group

  • Use the Looking for Group tool, /lfg. This will show you who is looking for group and what groups are looking for more players. It can be sorted by player level, with the default being 5 levels lower and higher than you currently are. It also lets you leave comments if you are looking for a certain zone or task.
  • Checking zones with players in them and asking in Out of Character, /ooc, or shout, /shout. Using the general channel or new players channel to lfg is another way.

Group Experience Bonuses


  • 1 characters - 1x
  • 2 characters - 1.58x
  • 3 characters - 1.92x
  • 4 characters - 2.22x
  • 5 characters - 2.5x
  • 6 characters - 2.56x

Basic Guidelines

  • Stay in "camp", don't run off after the puller. He can pull just fine, he doesn't need you standing next to him and agroing adds.
  • Use /assist, stay on the same mob the main tank is on unless you're intending on offtanking, especially if you have an enchanter! Multi-mob pulls with everyone on a different mob get rough fast.
  • Root parking: If you don't have a chanter for mezzing, it may be a good idea to try to root park mobs. Learn to split the mobs apart, if I say one is rooted, so they both aren't beating on you, so the healer doesn't have to waste as much mana, healing 2-3 people, instead of just the Main Tank.
  • Pulling: when possible, if there is someone in the group who can pull single mobs (whether it be through calm/paci/fd split/anything else,) let them! It takes much less mana to split a pull then to heal through an over-pull.
  • Someone needs to lead the group and ensure people are communicating.

If you can't find a healer work on void access and get a tier 4 or tier 5 merc cleric. And if can't find a tank can get a t4 or t5 merc war. They tank very well I think.

Group Roles

You can set group roles with the GUI if you are the group leader by right clicking on a character's name in the group window, look at the bottom of the pop up and choose the role you want to set for the selected player. However, you can also use /commands to set the group roles OR if you play with the same group a lot, you can actually save a set up so and create a hot key so you can set the roles really fast.

Commands to Use:

  • /grouproles list -- Lists all the roles in the current group
  • /grouproles set Name RoleID --Sets the group member's role
  • /grouproles unset Name RoleID -- Unsets the group member's role
  • /grouproles roleset -- Lists the available role sets
  • /grouproles roleset save "Name" -- Saves the current group's role set
  • /grouproles roleset load "Name" -- Loads a previously saved group role set
  • /grouproles roleset delete "Name" -- Deletes a previously saved group role set

To set the puller: /grouproles set "CharName" 3

To set the main tank: /grouproles set "Charname" 1

To set the main assist: /grouproles set "CharName" 2

Example: Solo/Merc (With Tank/Dmg Merc) setup:

    1. Set yourself as "Main Assist" and then set Tank Merc as "Main Tank"
    2. type "/grouproles roleset save 'Name'"; where 'Name' is text that is descriptive of the setup.
    3. setup a hotbutton with the text "/grouproles roleset load 'Name'"
    4. place the hotbutton in a quickslot and that way when you load your character you can one button assign roles to yourself and merc without thinking about it, per se.

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