Each race gets its own starting city, and some have multiple choices. As of The Serpent's Spine expansion, each race can use Crescent Reach as their home city. The alternate cities are dependent upon your class and/or deity.

Race Starting City Alternate City
Barbarians Halas
Dark Elves Neriak
Drakkins Crescent Reach
Dwarves Kaladim
Erudites Erudin Paineel
Frogloks Gukta
Gnomes Ak'Anon
Half-Elves Qeynos Freeport/Felwithe/Kelethin
Halflings Rivervale
High Elves Felwithe
Humans Freeport Qeynos
Iksar Cabilis
Ogres Oggok
Trolls Grobb
Vah Shir Shar Vahl
Wood Elves Kelethin

Additionally, there are a number of NPC-controlled cities throughout Norrath and Luclin. In NPC cities controlled by playable races, travellers will often find everything that a player city has: class trainers, bankers, merchants selling spells and other wares, quest givers, and artisan facilities (such as brew barrels and looms).

In NPC cities controlled by non-playable races, travellers may need significant faction work to be able to move safely throughout the city and interact with its citizens, merchants, and quest-givers. Typically, visitors will only find bankers and quest-givers.

City Continent Type of Citizens Notes
High Keep Antonica Human, Half-Elf Aligned heavily with Freeport; most evil races/classes are KOS.
Thurgadin Velious Dwarves (Coldain) All visitors start as dubious; citizens oppose Storm Giants in Kael Drakkal
Kael Drakkal Velious Storm Giants Many factions on which visitors start as dubious or KOS; citizens oppose Coldain Dwarves and Claws of Veeshan
Skyshrine Velious Wurms, wyverns, drakes Citizens are on the Claws of Veeshan faction and oppose Kael Drakkal; visitors start as dubious
Katta Castellum Luclin Human, Barbarian Evil classes/races are KOS; citizens oppose Sanctus Seru
Sanctus Seru Luclin Good and neutral races Evil classes/races are KOS; citizens oppose Katta Castellum
Shadow Haven Luclin Good and neutral races Evil races and classes can freely walk around; no evil class trainers

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