If you have used any page, GFDL'ed or not, as an information source, please cite it. Insert <ref> Comment about what you used it for along with the url here. </ref> <nowiki> at the point in which you would like the footnote number to appear in the body of the article, and insert <nowiki> <references> at the point of the page where you would like your footnote list to appear. Examples of this in action can be found on the Classes page.

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GFDL Content

If you have incorporated a significant amount of content in an article from a website that is covered by the GFDL, please insert the following at the bottom of the page:
{{Cite GFDL|Sitename|SiteURL}}. This can only be used if the website states it is covered by the GFDL or a similar permissive license.

If you've used a GFDL page for information for one or two points in the page but haven't directly copied anything, use <ref> citations.

Although technically we are free to use content from any GFDL page, please only directly copy GFDL content directly without seeking the permission of the author if it is an AA list, or some other list type data that would be tedious to manually recreate. If you find an especially good guide on a GFDL'ed website and would like to incorporate some of its content here, please ask the permission of the author, upload permission information to EQ:Permission:Creatororsite name and use {{EQ:Cite GFDL WP|Siteorcreatorname|EQ:Permissions:Name|SiteURL}} to insert a citation on the appropriate pages.

Non-GFDL Content

We cannot use text from another website that is not GFDL'ed without the permission of the original author. If you would like to use something from another website does not specifically say it is covered by the GFDL, please seek the permission of the author to use it under the GFDL, then upload some documentation of the permission of the original author to a page called EQ Permissions:Sourcename. Email, IM, or EQ transcripts are fine. Insert the following on pages where you used this content to insert a citation -- {{EQ Licensed|creatorname|wiki article containing permissions|source url}}. So, Groogle was the creator, and groogle's website was aoisudaiogioasg.com, it'd be {{EQ Licensed|Groogle|EQ:Permissions:Groogle|aoisudaiogioasg.com}}. We cannot use content not covered by the GFDL without permission even if we can't find the owner directly, but we can use it as a source for information (in which case you would use <ref> tags to indicate where you received the information.) An example permissions page can be found at Permissions:Groogle

Allakhazam Forum Threads

If you recreate a forum thread, use {{forumthread|gameid=|forum=|mid=}} where game ID is EverQuest, and the forum and mid are the similarly-named numbers in the URL of the thread you are recreating.

You can use the Sandbox to test any of these citation formats out, feel free to delete whatever is currently there.

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