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This information is from Beta and may change when the game goes live.

This guide will go over how to submit a customer service ticket both in and out of the game as well as explain how to submit a bug report.

If you submit a ticket, you will get a response from a Referee (Game Master) - if you submit a bug report, you will receive no sort of response at all.

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Submitting a Ticket

Out of Game

Go to

  1. Hit the escape button
  2. Click on "Help and Support"
  3. Click on "Customer Service"

Now you will be on the Free Realms Support Home Page. There are a few options to pick from that will take you to different articles within the Free Realms Knowledge Base.

These are the current options from the top of the page to the bottom of the page:

Quick Search Function - You can type your question in here, and it will scan the Knowledge Base for a related answer.

The My Support History Button will take you to your accounts service history, you may use this link to get back to pending tickets, if you need to add information to them, or need to respond to a Referee had they left you a response on your ticket.

Here are the Support Home Options - These will again, link you to various articles in the Knowledge Base, all except for the one titled "Top Known Issues".

  • Click on the "Top Known Issues" box.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and hit "Ask for Help"
  • Please log into your account if it asks you to.
  • You will now be at a screen with three options:
    • My Overview
    • Ask For Help
    • Questions
    • Notifications
To actually submit a ticket:
  1. Click on "Ask for Help"
  2. Enter the subject of your question
  3. Enter the question itself in the "question" box, please be as detailed and as specific as possible
  4. Enter the product (Currently you can only select "Free Realms" - Please do so
  5. Next you will be required to select a category (Please do not leave it at all, which it is defaulted to)
    • My Account and Billing
    • Items
    • Pets
    • Quests and Collections
    • My Character and Jobs
    • Trading Card Game
    • Mini Games
    • Report a Rule Breaker
    • Connection Issues
    • Graphic Issues
    • Sound Issues
    • Top Known Issues
  6. Please enter your current server
  7. Finally enter your characters name
  8. Go to the bottom and hit "Submit Question"

Once you hit "Submit Question" it will reload, what looks like a similar page, go to the bottom and hit "Submit" again.

Updating Your Ticket

You may wish to update your ticket if the problem has been resolved or you have more information to add to it. To update your question, or to access it once a Referee has answered it, simply do the following:

  1. Find the "My Support History Button" again
  2. Click on "Questions"
  3. Select the question you would like to update
  4. Go down to "Update Question"
  5. Update Away!

In Game

This was not available in Beta, and will be updated when the game goes live.

This page needs more information! If you'd like to contribute, please edit this page (free ZAM account required)!

Submitting a Bug Report

Submitting a Bug Report is broken down into five different steps. In Beta the only way to report a bug is to do so in game.

PLEASE NOTE: Submitting a bug report will NOT get a Referee to your assistance, Bug Reports go to the Quality Assurance Team so they can log it into the system, and allow the developers to fix it. You will not get any personal response to a bug report.

To submit a Bug Report:

  1. Hit the escape button
  2. Click on "Help and Support"
  3. Click on "Report a Bug"

Bug Steps:

  1. Where is the bug?
  2. What is the problem?
  3. How often does it occur?
  4. Any additional comments?
  5. Bug submission summary.

You are presented with a long list of options; select all that are appropriate to the bug. This helps QA run down and reproduce the bug so it can be fixed.

Allakhazam credits this post by Sassums at the SOE Official Forums for some of the info in this article.

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