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There are four kinds of Traits: Virtues, Race, Class and Legendary. You can think of traits as abilities gained by experience. Each of us follows a slightly different path through Middle-earth, and which traits become available to us will reflect that journey. Even when we are getting up in years and have all of them, which ones we choose to equip can dramatically change how well we perform certain tasks.

In a way, Traits are very similar to Passive Skills. Unlike Skills you learn from your Class Trainer, Traits are earned as soon as the appropriate quest or Deed is complete but are not active until equipped. To do this you must visit a Bard and pay a fee. There are limits to how many Traits of each type can be equipped, and although these limits increase as you level you will never be able to equip all your Traits at once. At level 60 you will have space for 5 Virtues, 5 Race Traits, 7 Class Traits and 3 Legendary Traits available to you.


Twenty Virtues are available to you through Deeds. Each Deed that unlocks a trait, and not all do, will increase the Rank of your trait by 1, to a maximum of 10. Virtues can also be increased by purchasing a tome in the LotRO Store for 295Turbine Points ($2.95)  but not even a tome can increase it beyond Rank 10. Each Virtue provides a bonus to 3 values that affect your life. Some will be more suited to Melee classes, while others are of more use to Magic-users or ranged classes, but there are no class-restricted Virtues. There are certain Race traits that can increase the Rank of some Virtues.

If you open the Traits panel (click on the little icon of Gandalf to the left of your hotkeys) and click on one of the Virtues the LotRO Store will open to the tome for that Virtue. Also, if you are working on a Deed that increases that Virtue your Deeds log will open to that page.

VirtueAffected StatsNotes
CharityIncreased Wound Resist Rating, Ranged Defence Rating and non-Combat Power Regengood for all classes
CompassionIncreased Ranged Defence Rating, non-Combat Power Regen and Tactical Defence Ratinggood for Tank and DPS classes
ConfidenceIncreased Fear Resist Rating, Will and non-Combat Power Regengood for all classes
DeterminationIncreased Agility, in-Combat Morale Regen and Maximum Moralegood for Melee and DPS classes
DisciplineIncreased Might, Disease Resist Rating and Melee Defence Ratinggood for Tank classes
EmpathyIncreased Armour Value, Fate and Fear Resist Ratinggood for Tactical classes
FidelityIncreased Shadow Defence, Vitality and Maximum Powergood for all classes
FortitudeIncreased non-Combat Morale Regen, Might and Disease Resist Ratinggood for Tank and Melee DPS classes
HonestyIncreased Maximum Power, Armour Value and Fategood for Tactical classes
HonourIncreased Poison Resist Rating, Shadow Defence and Vitalitygood for Tank and Melee DPS classes
IdealismIncreased Fate, Fear Resist Rating and Willgood for Tactical classes
JusticeIncreased in-Combat Morale Regen, Maximum Morale and non-Combat Morale Regengood for Tank classes
LoyaltyIncreased Vitality, Maximum Power and Armour Valuegood for all classes
MercyIncreased non-Combat Power Regen, Tactical Defence Rating and Agilitygood for Ranged DPS classes
PatienceIncreased non-Combat Power Regen, Wound Resist rating and Ranged Defence Ratinggood for Tank classes
InnocenceIncreased Melee Defence Rating, Poison Resist Rating and Shadow Defencegood for Melee DPS classes
ToleranceIncreased Tactical Defence Rating, Agility and in-Combat Morale Regengood for Ranged DPS classes
ValourIncreased Maximum Morale, non-Combat Morale Regen and Mightgood for Tank and Melee DPS classes
WisdomIncreased Will, non-Combat Power Regen and Wound Resist Ratinggood for Healing, Support and Ranged DPS classes
ZealIncreased Disease Resist Rating, Melee Defence Rating and Poison Resist Ratinggood for all classes

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