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Lord of the Rings Online

  • Server: Meneldor
  • Lifespan Rank: 10
  • Membership: Open to all users of ZAM and those cool enough to hang with us
  • Focus: Family/Social
  • Leader: Kitca
  • Officers: Arrowmonkey, Bludwen, Bryndle, Chuffo, Dottiel, Drulian, Gopher, Gotta, Greyfoot, Instigator, Mora, Nobby, Smurg, Tinuel, Ugrosh, Xavierr, Yanari and more
  • Application: Send a /tell to any officer to request admission
  • Website: GuildPortal for TiNFS

The official, un-official Kinship of the LotRO Players of ZAM, often abbreviated TINFS.

Remember, the page listing at the bottom of this page, of members, is listing their User: page so this is their ZAM User Name, not necessarily the name of their Main.

Supreme Masters

If you have need of a max-level crafter, ask one of the following:

Crafting Needs

Here, members should name their Crafters (and ZAM User name) and list what resources they are desperately in need of for leveling. This is so that Kinsmen and Kinswomen can see who needs what.


  • Bluduil (Bludwyng) - Working on T1 & T2 Metalsmith, T1 & T2 Prospector, T2 & T3 Tailor - Need Copper & Tin Ores, Barrow-iron and Silver Ores, Bronze Ingots, Barrow-iron Ingots, Medium & Sturdy Leather


  • Bludwyng - Working on T2 & T3 Scholar, T1 Weaponsmith - Need Cryptic Texts, Ruined Second Age Trinkets, Faded Sindarin texts, Torn Craftsman's Diaries, Cracked Dwarf Carvings, Iris Root, Bronze Ingots


  • Bludiron (Bludwyng) - Working on T1 Woodworker, T3-T6 Forester - Need Planks or Logs of Rowan Wood, Sturdy Hides, Pristine Hides, Logs of Yew Wood, Spider Silk, Logs of Lebethron Wood, Logs of Black Ash Wood, Black Ash Heartwood

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