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Stigma Stones are imbued with the souls of past Daevas. The power of these souls allows one to equip the stone and receive an ability they would not normally be able to use due to their class or level.

Some stones give the bearer a passive skill such as the ability to equip a weapon not normally available to their class, while other stones can allow the use of offensive or defensive abilities.[1]

If the Stigma Stone is usable by more than one class, the minimum level for each class is displayed, and is not usually the same level. In this case the cost to equip the stone will be computed using the lesser of the levels listed.

There are no Normal quality Stigma Stones. We have seen them in Rare and Unique. We assume that they do exist as Legendary, as well.

All Stigma Stones may be purchased from the Stigma Seller in your home city.

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There are two quests, one for each race, that award your first Stigma Stone and 300 Stigma Shards to get you started. More than that, until you complete this quest you cannot use Stigma Stones.

The quest will reward a Stone based on your Class:

RewardIndignation I (PW/AA)Improved Stamina I (PW/AA)Chain Engrave Signet I (PW/AA)Arrow Deluge I (PW/AA)Lumiel's Wisdom IVitality Absorption I (PW/AA)Grace of Empyrean Lord I (PW/AA)Rage Spell I (PW/AA)
More Stigma Stones can be found, throughout the world, as drops from various mobs.

Stigma Masters

There are Stigma Masters in many zones but the first one you will meet is in your capital city:

Equipping a Stigma Stone

Your Stigma usage panel.
Talk to a Stigma Master and ask them to assist you with equipping a Stigma Stone. This will open the Profile window to the Stigma tab. Drag the stone you want to equip to an available slot. A popup will appear asking you to confirm you want to equip the stone, and how many Stigma Shards this will cost you, based on the level of the stone. This cost will be the level of the Stigma Stone, times 4. If there is more than one class listed, the cost is computed from the lowest of the levels displayed. In addition to the 300 shards rewarded by the introductory Stigma Stone quest, you can get additional shards as drops from creatures in the Abyss.

Patch 1.9 raised the regular Stigma Slots to 6 and the Advanced Stigma Slots to 5.

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There is a useful Stigma Calculator available at The Aion Wiki.

Stigma Stone Slots

At level 20 you will unlock the first two Stigma Stone slots. An additional slot will unlock every 10 levels so at level 50 you will have all five of the basic Stigma Stone slots available.

In order to unlock the three additional Advanced Stigma slots you need to complete a six-quest series. The first and fourth quests are soloable, but the remaining four are all Group quests.

  1. A Suspicious Call (41, min 40)
  2. [Group] The Shulack's Stigma (PW/AA) (45, min 45)
  3. [Group] A Booklet on Stigma (PW/AA)
  4. A Future Threat
  5. [Group] Essential Material (PW/AA)
  6. [Group] Secret of the Greater Stigma (PW/AA)
  1. Price of Goodwill (41, min 40)
  2. [Group] Secret of the Shattered Stigma (45, min 45)
  3. [Group] How to Use Stigma
  4. A Secret Summons
  5. [Group] Door Into Darkness (PW/AA)
  6. [Group] Stop the Shulacks! (PW/AA)
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