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Due to the size of these tables we have separated them into two pages, by race.

Alchemy ExpertMP +36, Magical Accuracy +2, Magical Res +3You reached the highest level in Alchemy (PW)
Emissary[1]HP +48, Physical Crit Hit +4, Physical Def +5You failed to bring back Rasberg to Asmodae
Loremaster[2]Physical Atk +1, Magical Atk +1You took away the Hymn Book for Empyrean Lord Israpel from Lepharist Revolutionaries
Destiny Ascendant[3]HP +36, Physical Def +4, Block +8It is a title to honor an adventurer who is competent enough to realize his big dream
Bandit HeroHP +20, Physical Def +2You raised the reputation of the Ulgorn Bandits
Battle-HardenedPhysical Atk +1, Magic Boost +8You defeated an experienced Elyos warrior in the Abyss
Beluslan's HeroPhysical Crit Hit +4, Magic Boost +11, Fire Def +4You saved Beluslan from the threat of the Balaur
Born MerchantFlight Speed +2%, Evasion +4, Water Def +4You exchanged a lemon for something valuable
Champion of the ElderlyMP +42You helped an old lady to fulfill her last wish
Cheated by SleipnirAccuracy +10, Magical Accuracy +3Sleipnir took away the key to the Golden Trumpet Temple you had obtained at a great cost
Cooking ExpertHP +36, MP +36, Speed +5%You reached the highest level in Cooking (PW)
Courageous DestructorMP +34, Magical Crit Hit +3You destroyed the cursed necklace
Energized After Eating Millennium GinsengHP +40, Water Def +4You dug up a huge Millennium-old Fresh Ginseng, the Miraculous Plant of Munmuns
Expert ArmorsmithHP +36, Physical Def +4, Block +8You reached the highest level in Armorsmithing (PW)
Expert WeaponsmithPhysical Crit Hit +3, Physical Atk +1, Parry +8You reached the highest level in Weaponsmithing (PW)
The Cat's Meow[4]Magic Boost +6You found Kitty, a young Taiga Asgeirr grows
Balaur Whisperer[5]Magic Boost +8You can speak the Balaur language fluently
Mau Whisperer[6]Magic Boost +5You can speak Mau fluentlyMau in Ten Minutes a Day
Mosbear nemesis[7]Block +9You took revenge on Mosbears on behalf of the Bubu tribeA Father's Revenge (PW/AA)
Gatekeeper StabberFlight Speed +3%You defeated the gatekeeper of the Ereshuranta Upper Layer Fortress
Handicrafting ExpertAccuracy +8, Evasion +3, Atk Speed +2%You reached the highest level in Handicrafting
HeroicHP +52, Flight Time +3, Flight Speed +3%, Speed +6%You defeated Elyos in the Abyss and enhanced the reputation of the Asmodians
Honorary KidorunParry +8, Evasion +3You became an honorary member of Kidorun Grave Robber Band for helping Paepaerunerk and Sararinyerk
Snowfield Predator[8]Accuracy +9You annihilated Kirruses and Karnifs around Beluslan
InvincibleHP +44, Atk Speed +2%, Wind Def +4You defeated a veteran Elyos warrior in the Abyss
KindMP +20, Flight Time +1You helped Gerger to fulfill his lifetime dreamEscaping Asmodae
Legendary HunterParry +6You captured Silver Claw Komu, head of the MosbearsRampaging Mosbears
Mosbear SlayerEvasion +2You annihilated Mosbears in AltgardA Friendly Wager
Executor[9]MP +44, Parry +11You wound up all Daskair's affairs
PostalSpeed +4%You went to Elysea and gathered Elim Essence for the Elim Nabaru
Protector of AltgardPhysical Crit Hit +2, Magic Boost +6You saved Altgard from the threat of the Balaurall Altgard Campaign quests
Protector of BrusthoninPhysical Crit Hit +3, Accuracy +7You arrested all Elyos who infiltrated into Brusthoninall Brusthonin Campaign quests
Protector of MorheimPhysical Def +5, Magic Res +3You saved Morheim from the threat of the Balaurall Morheim Campaign quests
Putting on a ShowAccuracy +8, Evasion +3, Atk Speed +2%It is a title to honor an adventurer who enjoys live and acts cheerfully
Raider Hero The Abyss Gate
Besfer's Shield[10]Magical Accuracy +2You protected Besfer villagers from Beritra's Curse
Sewing ExpertMagic Boost +8, Flight Speed +2%, Flight Time +2You reached the highest level in Sewing (PW)
Shugo ChefEvasion +3You can cook Shugo-style food
Silver Mane Ally[11]Physical Atk +1, Magic Boost +9You defeated the Mist Mane Mau on behalf of the Silver Mane Mau
Provocateur[12]Physical Crit Hit +4, Magical Crit Hit +4, Flight Time +2You threw Elysea into chaos by defeating Mabangtah, a pro-Elyos Krall
Scourge of Mt. Musphel[13]Fire Def +3You eliminated all dangerous creatures from the Musphel Volcano
Talga SlayerEvasion +3, Magic Res +2You are qualified to enter the Aetheric Field of Karhel
TenaciousConcentration +6, Physical Def +4, Earth Def +3You went to Elysea and brought ingredients for the Kselopen sausage that Dukar was craving
ToughFlight Time +2You defeated a novice Elyos warrior in the Abyss
Treasure HunterAccuracy +4You found a hidden treasure on Ishalgen IslandBlack Opal
True Friend of Silver ManeHP +44, MP +44, Flight Time +2You defeated the enemy of the Silver Mane Tribe
Unyielding Magical Accuracy +2You expelled the Undead from the Havenjark Farm
Wheeler-DealerSpeed +5%You completed trade deals with all fortresses in Reshanta for the Black Cloud TradersJakurerk's Shot at the Big Time
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With the 1.9 patch the names of many titles were changed to make them read better with player's names.

  1. ^ formerly All the Way to Elysea for Nothing
  2. ^ formerly Ancient Book Collector
  3. ^ formerly As You Wish
  4. ^ formerly Fast, Exact and Reliable
  5. ^ formerly Fluent in Balaur
  6. ^ formerly Fluent in Mau
  7. ^ formerly Friend of Kong and Pat
  8. ^ formerly Hunter of the Snowfield
  9. ^ formerly Poking into Everything
  10. ^ formerly Savior of Besfer Villagers
  11. ^ formerly Silver Mane Benefactor
  12. ^ formerly Slayer of Mabangtah
  13. ^ formerly Sweeper of Mt. Musphel

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