Cascading Collections (FR)  

Free Realms
There are many collections where the reward from one collection contributes an item for another collection, which in turn often rewards an item for a third. Many, but not all, of these cascades have a final reward that is of exceptional quality and value.


  • If a collection is marked as (Meta), that denotes a Meta Collection which has no spawn and can only be completed by completing all the collections that contribute to it.

Job Cascades

Three Tier

JobTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Final Reward
ArcherArcher StoriesArcher Bow MaterialsArcher Magical Bow EssencesMagical Essence Bow
BlacksmithBlacksmith StoriesBlacksmith's Forge AdventuresBlacksmith MaterialsSlag Hammer
BrawlerBrawler StoriesBrawler Hammer MaterialsBrawler Magical Hammer EssencesMagical Essence Crystal Hammer
ChefChef's Cake Baking BooksChef's Cake PlattersChef's Cake Baking UtensilsMystery Cake
Demo Derby DriverDerby Driver TiresDerby Junkyard Kart PartsDerby Kart FuelSkull Studded Helmet
Kart DriverKart Race TiresKart Race FuelKart Part UpgradesLapping Leopard Helmet
MedicMedic StoriesMedic Shock Rod MaterialsMedic Magical EssencesMagical Essence Shock Rod
MinerSee Six Tier, below
NinjaNinja StoriesNinja Sword MaterialsNinja Magical Sword EssencesMagical Essence Shadowblade
PostmanPostman Packages and EnvelopesPostman PostcardsPostman StampsRudolfo's Speedy Kicks
WarriorWarrior StoriesWarrior Axe MaterialsWarrior Magical Axe EssencesMagical Essence Axe
WizardWizard StoriesWizard Wand MaterialsWizard Magical Wand EssencesMagical Essence Wand

Six Tier

JobTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6Final
MinerMiner's Copper OreMiner's Silver OreMiner's Gold OreMiner's Precious GemsMiner's Fancy GemsMiner's Special GemsMagical Summoning Ore

Miscellaneous Cascades

Three Tier

ClassTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Final Reward
LiquidsLakeshore Water Samples
Merry Vale Water Samples
Nettleseed Water Samples
Sanctuary Water Samples
Seaside Water Samples
Lakeshore Liquid Concoction
Merry Vale Liquid Concoction
Nettleseed Liquid Concoction
Sanctuary Liquid Concoction
Seaside Liquid Concoction
Lakeshore Mixture
Merry Vale Mixture
Nettleseed Mixture
Sanctuary Mixture
Seaside Mixture
Small Replenishment Potion
BugsCheckered Caterpillars
Solid Caterpillars
Striped Caterpillars
Spotted Caterpillars
Cocoons (Meta)Magnificent ButterfliesButterfly Swirl Potion
Snowhill FlowersSnowhill Tulips
Snowhill Orchids
Snowhill Carnations
Snowhill Roses
Snowhill Daisies
Snowhill Lilies
Snowhill Sunflowers
Snowhill Daffodils
Rare Snowhill Flowers (Meta)Exotic Snowhill FlowersExotic Snowhill Flower
Golden Flowers (Meta)Exotic FlowersExotic Golden Flower

Four Tier

ClassTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Final Reward
ButtonsOkay ButtonsBetter ButtonsCool ButtonsAwesome ButtonsButton Eyes Potion
TablewareForksSpoonsKnivesPlatesPathfinder's Gloves
BugsCheckered Ants
Solid Ants
Striped Ants
Spotted Ants
Checkered Centipedes
Solid Centipedes
Striped Centipedes
Spotted Centipedes
Checkered Snails
Solid Snails
Striped Snails
Spotted Snails
Checkered Spiders
Solid Spiders
Striped Spiders
Spotted Spiders
Green Fireflies
Orange Fireflies
Red Fireflies
Reinforcements Have Arrived (Meta)
Espionage (Meta)
Ground Support (Meta)
Special Forces (Meta)
Air Support (Meta)
Objective Complete (Meta)Mission AccomplishedSeeker's Gloves

Six Tier

ClassTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4Tier 5Tier 6Reward
MedalsUnique MedalsMedals of HonorHonorable Mention MedalsBronze MedalsSilver MedalsGold MedalsGold Badge

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