The Bolvirk

From the broken earth and bones left behind in the Devastation, Sullon Zek molded a race of her own, called the Bolvirk. She named this race after her much-adored berserker mentor -- Bolvirk McDurnnan -- who was lost to her when she was a mortal child.

The Bolvirk are Sullon Zek's own giants and form the greatest army in the Plane of Rage. Sullon created the Bolvirk to be examples of the power of rage. They are sturdy and their rage is tremendous. They can focus their anger and use it to become fearsome foes on any battlefield, much like Sullon, their maker. They were driven by the force of Sullon Zek's own fury, like all the others in the Plane of Rage The flesh of the Bolvirk appears slightly melted or twisted and their bones protrude from their bodies in places, especially at the elbows, knees and knuckles, forming a grim exoskeleton. Scarification rituals are used by the Bolvirk to denote rank, and thus the most powerful Bolvirk look like an illuminated scroll. The runes of power that adorn them are made by pouring molten metal into open scars in the skin, where it hardens and stays.

Soon after they were created, the Bolvirk built a fortress around the tower that was the home of their goddess. True to their nature, they built a functional, durable fortress meant to withstand the rage of those that the goddess knew would be drawn to her. The stone walls were not built artfully, but securely. The bricks of the walls and buildings were also created to give the Bolvirk some relief from the dangers of constant battle -- but there has been no rest for many long years. The roof materials, once adorning stately vaulted ceilings, have been used up in the creation of catapults, spears and axe hafts. The blankets have been burned or used as bandages. There is little left but the stone, which itself is often used as catapult shot (or simply thrown at opponents by the Bolvirk).

The Bolvirk controlled the stronghold for many years until one of their own faltered. The Bolvirk believe that Sendaro was the greatest fighter to ever live. He fought any that would face him and triumph. It wasn't long before only the most insane in The Devastation would dare face him. He grew bored with no challenging opponents to vent his rage upon and began to force his own kind to fight him. But the fights did more to frustrate Sendaro than quench his rage as he required more formidable opponents. Within a few years, his pent up rage began to consume him and he became uncontrollable. Sendaro began attacking and killing the strongest of the Bolvirk to sate his need to unleash his rage. His actions ultimately weakened the force of the Bolvirk so much that enemies took notice and began to attack the stronghold in greater numbers and frequency.

It was during this time that an ancient Bolvirk leader named Verdarg arrived in The Devastation from the Seething Wall. He was brought forward by Sullon Zek in order to challenge Sendaro. Verdarg was one of the first Bolvirk Sullon created. He was wise and willful enough to never lose control of his anger. Verdarg incited the armies battling in The Devastation to believe they had the strength and power to take control of the stronghold away from the Bolvirk. Under Verdarg's taunting battle cries, waves of enraged warriors swarmed the stronghold's gate attempting to crush the Bolvirk. Once the battle was engaged, Sendaro himself came forth, thrilled to appease his bloodlust. He threw open the gates of the stronghold himself and stood before the mass of enraged armies, ready to fight. Sendaro slew the invaders by the hundreds. His eyes burned as pure rage flowed through him with every strike. None could pass him.

As Sendaro was engaged, Verdarg and a few worthy warriors readied a makeshift ram made from the pieces of broken siege weapons. They rammed the walls of the fortress so forcefully that part of the great wall crumbled just enough for them to scale it. From within the walls of the fortress, Verdarg and his warriors unleashed a wave of destructive rage upon the Bolvirk until all but one was dead. With his eye on Sendaro, Verdarg charged. The battle was long and arduous and in the end, Sendaro made a fatal error.

With his rage fully unleashed and out of control, Sendara was reckless in his attacks, something Verdarg had anticipated. With both great arms swinging mighty axes in the air, Verdarg undercut and sliced Sendaro clean across his leathery belly. Sendaro knew immediately he'd suffered a fatal wound and staggered for a moment. His eyes never left Verdarg's as he began to drop to his knees and succumb to death-- to be sent into the Seething Wall to begin his journey back to Sullon Zek. He then smiled at Verdarg, almost as though he was grateful to have had the chance to stand toe-to-toe with one of Sullon's very first children; a true challenge.

Since that day no one has been able to hold the stronghold for long and every being in The Devastation fights to occupy it. The Bolvirk now feel the same urges as all creatures of Rage. Most have forgotten that their scarred hands built the formidable stone walls of the stronghold. All they know now is that they must destroy their foes and gain control so that they might earn the right to serve Sullon Zek inside her tower.

Sendaro, the greatest leader of the Bolvirk, is found in the Plane of Rage often, for he is summoned from the Seething Wall by Sullon Zek quite frequently. And as Sullon Zek's rage grows more powerful, the battles have come faster and bloodier. It seems more and more souls are finding themselves awakening within the Seething Wall.

Source: PoR Manual


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