Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost (FR Battle)  

Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost
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There is a video walkthrough of this battle available here.
Free Realms
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Bergram Stumpfinger's Ghost

Click on Bergram Stumpfinger in Blackspore Swamp to begin this battle.

Bergram Stumpfinger's ghost is haunting this area! Venture in and defeat him!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Coins 63 Stars 94 

Primary: Defeat Bergram Stumpfinger.Coins 22 Stars 12 

Don't get knocked out 10 times!
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The battle with Bergram Stumpfinger is begun by clicking on his gravestone in Blackspore Swamp. The gravestone does move around, and disappears for about 8-15 minutes after another player enters his encounter. The gravestone has frequently been seen in the area northeast of Chloe, and on the north side of the Ancient's Wall.

This fight is one of the hardest we've encountered yet in Free Realms. It is highly suggested that you bring a friend along for it. A reported method for soloing it is to make good use of confusion and stun orbs/spheres.

After knocking down Bergram's health some (about 85% of his health remaining), he will become invulnerable until you destroy the bones at his grave. This is indicated by a purple beam of light connecting Bergram to the bones. During this time he will begin summoning additional creatures to attack you, so take out those bones as quickly as possible. With too many adds your three knockouts will be used up in no time.

You can only take the bones down to about 45% health, then Bergram is able to be attacked again. Make sure you take out any adds quickly and keep your health up! Once Bergram reaches around 35% health remaining, you'll again have to target the bones and finally take them out completely.

After destroying the bones, finish off any adds and Bergram!

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