Ascension (Aion Quest)  

Mission: New Beginning
Elyos and Asmodian
Cannot be shared.
Cannot be abandoned.
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This quest is started automatically when you reach level 9.
Level 9 Ascension
See race-specific text.
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You must be at least Level 9 to open or receive this quest. See Universal 9 for more quests that can be started at this same level.

Quest Notes

Elyos (in Poeta)

The island in Cliona Lake.
The island in Cliona Lake.
Pernos says he has something to talk to you about. Go to see him and see what it's about.
  1. Talk with Pernos
  2. Go to the island at the center of Cliona Lake and fill up the bottle (PW/AA).
  3. Meet Daminu and obtain Daminu's Essence (PW/AA).
  4. Speak to Pernos
  5. Go back to your lost past.
    1. Speak with Belpartan
    2. Advance on Karamatis.
    3. Defend yourself (in the memory they will be your level, and easy to kill)
    4. Fight Orissan (you will lose)
  6. Speak to Pernos and choose the path you will take from now on.

Elyos Campaign
Quest Series
A Ceremony in Sanctum
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Asmodians (in Ishalgen)

You can view a video, "Asmodian Ascension Quest", at YouTube.
Munin wants to speak with you.
  1. Speak to Munin
    • You will be teleported to Urd
  2. Collect cards from 3 witches:
    1. Urd (in Aldelle Village)
    2. Verdandi (in Munihele Forest)
      • You will be teleported to Skuld
    3. Skuld (in Anturoon Crossing).
      • You will be teleported to Munin
  3. Speak to Munin
  4. Enter the prophecy Munin has prepared for you
    1. Speak to Hagen
    2. Kill the Guardian Assassins (PW/AA) (in the prophecy they will be your level and easy to kill)
    3. Fight Brigade General Hellion (you will lose)
  5. Speak to Munin and choose the path you will take from now on.

Asmodian Campaign
Quest Series
A Ceremony in Pandaemonium
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OOC The 3 witches are named after the three most important Norns (from Norse mythology), Urðr (Wyrd), Verðandi and Skuld (a.k.a. Fate, Destiny and Future).[1]

  1. ^ Norns at Wikipedia

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