Akarios Village (Aion Place)  

Akarios Village
Akarios Village
North of Akarios Plains
ConnectionsAkarios Plains, Cliona Lake
Flight?Gliding only.
Pad Location: The flight transporter Kustanon and Teleporter Daines are well to the left of Nobelium., 
Teleportation to:

Flight to:

There is an Obelisk ( right at the entrance of the village coming from Akarios Plains,  ) where you can bind for 40 Kinah , and a Soul Healer is available.
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Akarios Village

A Human village located in the Poeta region of Elysea. 'Akarios' is named after the Daeva who saved the village during the Krall War.

To find this Place in-game, use /where Akarios Village

This Place is a quest hub in the Poeta Quest Series.


This is the central hub for Poeta. Here you will find Captain Kalio, of the Kalion Mercenary company, standing outside the Nobelium. He gives all Campaign Quests in the Poeta section of the Elyos Campaign quest series.

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