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To Start: Speak to Erid Torridwick in Shrouded Glade.
Erid Torridwick says,"I almost have enough plant samples to start my science project, but I still need some from Mugwort's Hollow.

It's not a safe place for a student of science. Beakers and brains aren't the best defense against wild critters, you know!

Think you could help? "

Travel to Mugwort's Hollow and retrieve samples of the unique plant life that lives there.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

  • Collect plant specimens - (0/8)
  • Return to Erid in Shrouded Glade
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Note: The combat and difficulty ratings systems changed after this write-up, and some of the information here may be invalid.

Mugwort's Hollow is west of Shrouded Glade, out in the wilderness.

This dungeon is rated as hard difficulty, so we recommend that you do not attempt this quest solo until you are at least level 10 in one combat job. However, you can receive this quest at any combat job level.


Rare Flower
Rare Flower
Mugwort's Hollow is a member-only dungeon, and even though hard difficulty is suggested for levels 10+, I think most players would have trouble with this place until about 15+.

What you are seeking in here is a total of eight Rare Flowers. They are marked by green circles on your mini-map. Unfortuneately, you need to get past the toad area up front before encountering your first flower.

I did this as a level 11 Medic, and had difficulty fighting here. If you find yourself in similar circumstances, either invite some friends to help you out, or do what I did: an insane run through the plethora of creatures to each flower. It took me a total of four knock-outs, but I was able to collect all eight flowers, and simply exited the dungeon afterwards.

For coping with this crazy mission just for a silly experiment, your reward is a Faintly Glowing Purple Diamond Shard.

Shrouded Glade
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