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Briarwood Caverns

Click on the dungeon entrance to Briarwood Caverns to begin this battle.

The caverns beneath the Briarwood are sealed by powerful magic. Only a hero of legend my step through this portal and enter the heart of Briarheart Palace.
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Players creating a new character after the 03/17/13 update will start the game inside this dungeon. Characters created beforehand can find the entrance near the entrance to Tanglewood Fort.


Note: There may be some differences for characters created before 03/17/13. This walkthrough is based on what happens for a new character.

When you enter the Caverns, Darkthorne will be waiting for you. She will give you a series of instructions on how to play the game, followed by some tutorial quests. Darkthorne's dialogue will update once you perform the action she describes. Below, a new line starting with a quotation mark indicates a new dialogue bubble.

Darkthorne: "It worked! You're really here!

But, hmm... something doesn't seem right. Oh! I hope there weren't any problems with the summoning spell! Let's make sure everything is all right first."

Player: "Okay!"

Darkthorne: "Look directly at this Magic Sphere. Click and hold the right button on your mouse and follow the arrows. Mac users hold the Ctrl key and click and hold the mouse button.

"Good, now continue to hold the right mouse button and look at the second Magic Sphere.

"Good, now look at the third Magic Sphere.

"Try using your keyboard to get around these obstacles. Press the WASD keys or Arrow Keys on your keyboard to move around.

"You'll need to jump over these obstacles. Pressing the Spacebar key will make you jump!

"Once you get around the last of the obstacles I'll meet you... (Note:not sure how this ends, if anyone knows please edit it in)

"-Player name-, please help the Chugawugs, but be careful as people and creatures with RED names are dangerous."

At this point, you will receive the quest Basic Combat Tutorial, and the quest widget will show up on the right side of the screen. You can't open the quest journal yet, though.

Once you finish Basic Combat Tutorial, you will automatically start the quest Advanced Combat Tutorial, and then Hero's Journal. Now you will be able to open your quest journal, or Hero's Journal as it's now called.

Finally, finishing Hero's Journal will trigger The Last Best Hope, after which Darkthorne will teleport you to the safety of Farnum's Farm.

NOTE: Existing players will want to ensure that they have their setting adjusted before entering Briarheart Caverns since the Game Options menu is not available from inside the chamber. You cannot exit the cavern until you complete the quest. Restarting the game does not remove you from the instance. (Tip: If you must change settings, you can manually edit the UserOptions.ini file, or use another character to change them and relog.)

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