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FR Objectives
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{{FR Objectives

The work for the lines is actually done by FR Objective Line


Used only when this template is called as a sub-template
goal3= and goal4=
Not in the Usage example, above, but will work if added manually. There is no MO switch for these fields. If used, they appear between Secondary and Bonus1. coins, stars and tickets fields are supported as well (see note, below).
If not blank, the leading words like "Primary: " and "Bonus: " are suppressed
one of: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or table. If table, difficulty is defined in the FR Objectives template. X will suppress difficulty.
For a Tower Defense game, this is the amount of coins you start the game with.


  • Each of the goal fields also has a coins, stars and tickets field with the same name, so for primary you have primarycoins=, primarystars= and primarytickets=. The rest follow the same naming format. Except for primary, the others are not in the Usage example, above, and have to be added manually. You do not need to add fields that are blank, so if all the goal has for a reward is stars, you do not need to add coins and tickets for that line.
  • bonus3=, mobonus3=, bonus3coins=, bonus3stars= and bonus3tickets= are also supported, but do not appear in the usage skeleton. If needed they must be added, manually.

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