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As of November 5, 2009, this job is free to sample through level 4. As you finish level 4 you will be prompted to buy Membership. If you do not become a Member you will be able to change to the job, but none of the job-specific minigames or quests will be available to you.
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 Soccer Star 

Soccer Star is the soccer job that was introduced to Free Realms in the Goal Time update on October 2, 2009. Players can interact with the minigames either solo or in teams.

Job Type: Other

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UK Job Name

This job, and all associated quests and collections, are known as Football Star to players in the United Kingdom.


Soccer Stars gain levels through the quest series and participating in soccer minigames. Click on the icon at the Snowhill Soccer Field entrance and complete the soccer tutorial to gain knowledge of the game mechanics.


There are special stats for Soccer Stars.

  • - Kick Power (increase to your kicks)
  • - Tackle Power (increase to tackling others)
  • - Toughness (get back up quicker after being knocked down)


There are many keys and techniques you need to learn in order to master soccer, such as dodging, tackling and super kicks. Check out the soccer tutorial page if you are in need of help!

Quest Series

Full Series

  1. Soccer Star: Becoming a Soccer Star from Manager Landon at the Snowhill Soccer Field
  2. Soccer Star: Snowy Scrimmage from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  3. Soccer Star: The Perfect Mascot from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  4. Soccer Star: Achieve Level 2 from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  5. Soccer Star: Slowing the Snowspurs from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  6. Soccer Star: Goal Stopper from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  7. Soccer Star: Achieve level 5 from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North
  8. Soccer Star: Power Game from Coach "Golden Leg" Eddie in the Wilds North

Hidden Quest

There is a hidden quest for Soccer Stars! Completing this quest will give you an item that changes your super kick into a special move called The Pop.




  • Cheetahs Soccer Camp - Greenwood Forest
    • Mike Strikefoot - sells level 20 Elite Frightening Finisher pink and black clothing
  • Snowhill Soccer Camp
    • Ben Kickback - sells level 20 Elite Snowhill Stopper pink and black clothing
    • Cobi Slide-by - sells level 20 Elite Durable Defender pink and black clothing
    • Defenseman Dan - sells level 20 Elite Star Sweeper pink and black clothing
    • Gary Goallaso - sells level 20 Elite Fast Forward pink and black clothing
    • Tad Thrasher - sells level 20 Elite Silent Screen pink and black clothing
  • Snowhill Soccer Field


Vault Merchant
Briarwood BlasterElite BlackElite Pink
Durable Defender Elite Black Elite Pink
Fast Forward Elite Black Elite Pink
Frightening Finisher Elite Black Elite Pink
Silent Screen Elite Black Elite Pink
Snowhill StopperElite BlackElite Pink
Star SweeperElite BlackElite Pink
Wild WingerElite BlackElite Pink


Unlike other jobs, the Soccer Star only has two collections. These can be found around the perimeter of soccer fields, and only while in the Soccer Star job.

Goal Time!
October 2, 2009
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