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As of November 5, 2009, this job is free to sample through level 4. As you finish level 4 you will be prompted to buy Membership. If you do not become a Member you will be able to change to the job, but none of the job-specific minigames or quests will be available to you.
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Fisherman fish.

Job Type: Other

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The Fisherman job can be leveled by playing the fishing minigame or completing the quests.

How to Fish

  1. Go to the water and click it, wherever a green circle appears, to cast your fishing line.
  2. Once a fish grabs the hook (or you see a treasure chest on it), click one more time to reel it in!
  3. You are more likely to catch certain fish with select baits.

Fishing Holes

Here are some popular spots around Sacred Grove to go fishing at!

Quest Series

The Fisherman quests are not in an actual series. You can visit any of the NPCs at any time in your fishing career to pick up the quests listed below.

Frostbitten Banks

Rainbow Lake

Wintery Basin

Sacred Grove Shallows

Darklit Lagoon

Brambleback's Bayou


Eight of the collections for fisherman are found by catching certain fish in each fishing hole.

There is also a Meta collection, Fishing Expert, and the items in it are received by finishing the 6 Pond and Stream Fish collections listed above.

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