FR Quest:That Tingling Feeling  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Adrian Treebreeze in Shrouded Gloam.
Adrian Treebreeze says,"The waters of the Glade are no longer what they were. Gloam Fountains have appeared throughout our waters, turning it into a deadly tar, damaging anything it touches.

Use the Power Stone to absorb the Gloam Fountains to purify our waters. "

The pure waters of Shrouded Glade are now corrupted with Gloam energy. Absorb the Gloam Fountains around Shrouded Glade using the Power Stone.

Return to the Branchlord if you lose your Power Stone.

This is a Combat quest.

  • Coins 40 
  • Cleanse the first Gloam Fountain
  • Cleanse the second Gloam Fountain
  • Cleanse the third Gloam Fountain
  • Cleanse the fourth Gloam Fountain
  • Return to the Branchlord
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The Power Stone ability is tied to your #3 key. Press it when you get near a Gloam Fountain to advance the quest.

Closing Dialogue

Adrian Treebreeze says, "That's it! *Character Name*, you've helped us cleanse the natural surroundings of Shrouded Glade! I can feel our power returning, but we must test ourselves before we plot our final assault."

Bringing Our Brothers Home Shrouded Glade Invasion
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A Test of Power
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