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Soccer Star
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"What's this soccer ball doing out here?

Someone must know what to do with it... "

The middle of nowhere is not a good place for a soccer ball. Figure out who it belongs to!
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Soccer Star job.

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Starting the Quest

The quest is started by a soccer ball south of the Cheetah's Soccer Camp, which is south-southwest of Merry Vale.

Closeup of the Soccer Ball
Cheetah Camp in Background
Atlas Location of Soccer Ball
Atlas Location of Soccer Ball
Minimap Location of Soccer Ball
Minimap Location of Soccer Ball


The quest is available to anyone with the Soccer Star job, but the reward is members-only . The Pop Diamond Shard can only be equipped as a Soccer Star (level 1), and gives you the ability to use a super kick, The Pop.

Closing Dialogue

Manager Landon says, "Where'd you find that? I had given up on ever finding it!"

Manager Landon says, "You found it out by that pond? I wonder if it was those robgoblin hooligans..."

Manager Landon says, "Well, you have my thanks! Please take this nifty little shard. Perhaps it will help you become a great soccer star someday!"

ZAM would like to thank Snaku of Free Realms Insider for some of the information in this article.

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