FR Quest:Learn to Mine & Smelt Ore  

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To Start: Speak to Mae Farnum in Farnum's Farm.
Mae Farnum says,"But cooking is not the reason you are here. I hear you have an important message to send to the Queen, but we can't send you off without a good way to protect yourself. Talk with Cleetus Farnum; I'm sure he'll be able to help you."
Learn how to mine ore and smelt it into useable metal
This is a Minigame quest.

  • Coins 15 
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Cleetus Farnum says, "I hear you've been helping us deal with the problems caused by the hooligans. Putting out fthe fires and getting food helps a lot, but we need nails to help board up the damage they have caused.

Here on Farnum Farmstead we do things from scratch. Here's some Mining gear to help you get started. Mine some copper ore out of these rocks nearby and come back to me when you are finished."

After mining copper, Cleetus says, "Raw copper ore or any ore for that matter ain't good for nothing until it is refined. Use this furnace to smelt copper bars from the copper ore and return to me when you are finished."

After smelting the bars, Cleetus says, "Whoo-ee not bad for a beginner. There should be more than enough copper for us to finish off the last batch of nails we need."

Be sure to switch to Miner before clicking on the Forge to avoid getting stuck.

Some players may get an error that it cannot find the Mining Game .swf file. Just exit the minigame and restart it.

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