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Demo Derby Driver
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To Start: Speak to Sydney Spellmerg in Wildwood Speedway.
Sydney Spellmerg says,"Not everyone deals with fame gracefully. Sir Horace has been a bit of a diva since arriving on set. He's a bit jealous of all the attention you're receiving.

As annoying as he is, we can't have him unhappy.

I'm sure grovelling is beneath you, but it would be a huge personal favour to me if you could cheer him up somehow. "

Sydney doesn't know what to do about Sir Horace. He's been a bit of a diva ever since arriving on set. It would be a huge personal favour to Sydney if you could find a way to put Sir Horace in a better mood.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Demo Derby Driver job.

  • PS3: Coins 4 Stars 175 
  • PC: Coins 2 Stars 175 
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Dialogue - Part 1

Sir Horace says "I certainly hope your driving is better than your dancing. I honestly don't see what they saw in a scrawny little thing like you.

As long as you're on MY set, I won't be gracing the shoot with my presence."

Closing Dialogue

Sydney Spellmerg says, "Horace isn't co-operating? That's a shame.

Thankfully we have all the footage we need."

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