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Sandscale Oasis center

Click on the dungeon entrance to Sandscale Oasis to begin this battle.

Cactus Jake and his band of cactus outlaws have taken over this once tranquil manguana watering hole. Since the takeover, the Sandscale tribe of manguana have become increasingly aggressive, frequently lashing out at travelers and residents alike. Fight past the Sandscale mangauana and bring Jake and his bandits to justice!
 Difficulty:     Totals: Stars 304 

Primary: Defeat Cactus Jake!

Bonus:  Defeat Cactus Bandits - 0/10

Don't get knocked out 5 times!
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Throughout the dungeon there is a chance of getting coin drops or loot bags.

The bonus rewards you with a colored item either from the level 4 or level 6 armor sets.

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