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The Town of Merry Vale
Merry Vale
Sacred Grove / Wilds Central / Merry Vale

West of Sanctuary.

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The land where Merry Vale now sits was once barren, mountainous, and unexplored. One day (and no one can truly pinpoint which day), the mountains erupted, and a bright rainbow sprang forth. Curious travelers and adventurers went to investigate, and found the settlement of Merry Vale - home of the fairies.

It was as though the place had been around for ages, but was hidden by magic. The fairies welcome all travelers to celebrate with them in an endless party... but is there something darker lurking at the heart of Merry Vale?


The Festival of Hearts is hosted in Merry Vale. This event typically runs from mid-February through mid-March each year.

Local Places


Quest Series

Cotton Candy

  1. A Very Merry Welcome
  2. Party Flyers
  3. Busting the Fourth Wall
  4. The Party Pooper
  5. Suspicious Serenity
  6. Where is Lugunwump?
  7. At the End of the Rainbow

You can view a video, The Merry Vale Show, at YouTube.

Ronnie Britesmile

  1. Chores, What a Bore!
  2. A Delivery to Aunt Daisy
  3. Missing Homework

Birthday Gift

  1. Picking Petals
  2. Birthday Surprises
  3. The Perfect Present


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