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The table, below, displays all of the available tint names for use with the tints= field of the FR Item template.

Note: Any color box that does not have a name under it, is not actually black, it's just an empty box. The table is set up for 6 boxes per row, so there's always room to add more colors to the Template:FR Tints template. Darkmatter and Timberwolf are actually black!

Available Tints
The names and values of these tints are taken directly from the Free Realms game files
Tints Used by Coin Shop or Marketplace Items
Thunderbird Honeydew Mantis Sapphire Midnight Blizzard
Amethyst Shadestone Allspice Sandrift Commoner Toasty
Rubyburst Sunrise Turbo Cloverleaf Aqua Ocean
Twilight Bubblegum Stonesurf Stormcloud
Other Tints Used by Free Realms
Mahogany Macaroni Lucky Electrolime Jungle Woodland
Forest Azure Icy Skylight Raindrop Berrybright
Blossom Rosepetal Snowfall Darkmatter

Old Tints
Please do not use these tints for any items newly added to the game, as of September, 2010
Barndoor Army Cottoncandy White Charcoal Avacadoskin
Mudpie Concrete Spruce Darkblue Timberwolf Grape
Sweetpea Plum Skyblue Chocolate Maroon Raincloud
Latte Mocha Walnut Honey Tumbleweed Laurel
Merlot Navy Pumpkin Snow Raisin Olive
Violet Pink Red Orange Yellow Green
Blue Purple Brown Gray Tan Silver
Gold Paleblue Palecyan Palegreen Sand Ivory
Bronze Beech Cocoa Rust Oreo Mud
Mustard Lemon Slate Turquoise Moss Hotpink
Seafoam Sage Aquamarine Paleyellow Khaki Sunset

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