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In Aion, titles are acquired by completing specific quests or quest series. You can see a list of all titles you have earned by going to P)rofile->T)itle. Wearing a title gives certain bonuses. Separate titles are available to Elyos and Asmodians.

This page lists only titles that can be acquired by both factions. See your racial sub-page for titles for your racial faction.

Settler of AionAttack +1, Parry +8, Physical Crit +3Honoring the adventurer who acts as a pioneer in the world of Aion.CE Reward [Emotion Card] "Settler of Aion™"
Aetheric Master[1]HP +45, Attack +3, Magic Boost +12You passed the DP Test of the Class Preceptor.The Preceptor's Task
Adept of AionAtk Speed +2%, Accuracy +8, Evasion +3Honoring the adventurer who enjoys life and acts cherfully.3-month Veterans Reward

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With the 1.9 patch the names of many titles were changed to make them read better with player's names.

  1. ^ formerly Adept DP Manipulator

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