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Are you looking for a furry companion to take along with you during your Free Realms adventures? If so, head on over to your local Adoption Center to find just the right pet. Adoption Centers have everything you need to take care of your new found friend. Merchants provide food and grooming supplies, as well as clothing to keep your pet happy.

You can try out pets with 20-minute pet trials to see their different personalities and looks suit what you are looking for. Once you have made your decision, you can buy your new friend with Station Cash. Each Adoption Center will offer different pets, so make sure you visit them all! You can purchase pets by clicking the shopping cart icon on your game dock, choosing "Marketplace", then clicking the "Pets" icon.

If you're looking for Rides, please check out this page.

All About Pets

  • Adoption Centers - Adoption Centers are where you can see the pets as they interact in an environment. You can also get a pet trial with these pets.
  • Pet Care - Need help with the basics of caring for your new pet? We're here with the info!
  • Pet Clothing - Your pets can wear outfits and costumes just like you!
  • Pet FAQ - Frequently asked questions about pets.
  • Pet Thought Bubbles - What is my pet thinking about?! Here's the answers!
  • Pet Traits - Pets can have different traits that will effect their interaction with their environment.
  • Pet Tricks - Your pet can be the master of talents with various tricks that will awe the crowd!
  • Pet Types - The different types of pets available, such as Cats, Dogs, Dragons and much more.
  • Pet Treasure - Several collections and items can be found in these wonderful pet treasure chests.
  • Pet Trophies - Coming Soon! (ETA: Early 2010)

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